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Sundia Fly One Sided Diabolo - (Bearing)

Sundia Fly One Sided Diabolo - (Bearing)

A one sided version of the Fly diabolo.
This diabolo shares the same wide axle bearing and cup as the standard Fly, but has a counter weight instead of the second cup.
Axle rotation can be switched for left or right handed play or for Eastern (start with cup side nearest your body) or Western (tip side nearest body) styles of play.

NOTE: - This one sided diabolo is not meant to be balanced and the diabolo will turn with play. This is intended and is in keeping with the traditional Chinese Yo-Yo style of play (but with a modern twist of the bearing axle)

Please select your preferred colour below (you can check which colours are currently in stock by viewing the wide axle bearing fly here). If you''re chosen colour is not available, we will supply an alternative unless specified otherwise in the comments box with your order.

Diabolomoves price   £26.00
Normal retail price £27.99 ~ You save £1.99

One Sided Cup Colour (please see note above)
Deep Purple
Pink (Glitter)
Dark Pink

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