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Sundia ECHO 3 Bearing Axle Diabolo - Yellow

Sundia ECHO 3 Bearing Axle Diabolo - Yellow

Sundia''s new ECHO range shares many of the cutting edge features of the high end Sundia diabolos, but come with a much more affordable pricetag.

This diabolo uses Sundia''s tried and tested triple bearing design principles together with a new simplified axle shape to give a low cost high performance bearing diabolo with great quality cups built with a medium flex material to absorb the drops and withstand lots of abuse

The outer cups and hubs have a slippy textured finish to help the string find the center of the axle without tilting and making corrections easier (much like the Evo range)
The cup material is also translucent to allow LED''s to shine brightly through

Cup Diameter = 128mm
Width = 143mm
Weight = 260g

Also available in a Fixed Axle and LED version

The low weight and high stability make this an ideal beginner diabolo, though it''s quality built and high custom ability make it great for professionals and stage performances too.

Please Note: - Sold without handsticks - although we do have a special offer on these diabolos to offer of a set of wooden handsticks (with string) for only £1.50 (Normally £2.00) or the quality Echo handsticks for only £14 (normally £16)

Diabolomoves price   £24.00
Stock: Lots


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