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14 Function LED Lights USB + remote control

14 Function LED Lights USB + remote control

Please note these are not made by Sundia (but they will fit on Sundia diabolos)

These USB Rechargeable LED Kits have 14 functions and 7 colours - they can also be used with a remote control and will fit most diabolo brands using the original fixings

Each side has 4 LED''s and can be recharged with a standard mini USB cable.

Functions are:
Solid colours x7 (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise, Purple, White)
Multi function x7 (Steady fade all colours, Speed up switch colours, Strobe White 1, Strobe White 2, Blink White, Flash Green/Blue, Flash Red/Green)

Please note, we do not currently have any remotes for these kits available, but they can be controlled with most standard LED bulb remotes (although the button colours and function might not be in the right place they should still work)

Two light units are supplied (one for each side).

Please note - to fit to Sundia diabolos, these LED''s require a fully FLAT washer (metal, Carbon fibre or Aluminum)
They do not fit with the self locking dome washers or the flat plastic (with recessed hole) type Sundia washers (we are working on a solution).

Diabolomoves price   20.00
Stock: Lots

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