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Sundia EVO G3 Fixed Axle Diabolo - White/Pink

Sundia EVO G3 Fixed Axle Diabolo - White/Pink

Sundia EVO G3 Diabolo (Fixed Axle Version) - White / Pink
This colourway was put together specially by Diabolomoves and features bright pink rings.

This Medium Cup diabolo is the G3 size and shape but uses a material very similar to the G2 diabolos to give a G3 cup that is somewhere inbetween the hard and soft cup versions (it is softer than the hard cup but not as squashy as the soft cup).

The cups are very bright white and look solid (opaque) colour in normal light yet still allows light to shine through for use with LED''s

Cup diameter is 127mm
Width is 145mm
Weight is 246g (plastic dome washer) or 264g (metal washer)

This diabolo is also available as a 5 Bearing Axle version.

Ability - All levels - Due to the low weight and high stability this diabolo really is perfect for beginners & kids right through to professional performers.

Note - sold without handsticks

Diabolomoves price   34.95
Stock 4

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