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Sundia Falcon+ Diabolo - Tiffany Green

Sundia Falcon+ Diabolo - Tiffany Green

The FALCON is the latest diabolo from Sundia

''Tiffany Green'' is the signature model of Chihhan Chao aka Rods181, Redbull PAO Diabolo Champion 2016 & 2017.

The 4 special Falcon+ colours are endorsed and help support the continued artistic development of diabolo performance in Taiwan. They do however come at an extra cost to help support the artists involved in the project.
(the extra cost goes directly to the artists not the manufacturer or retailers).

The Falcon diabolos feature a two part cup design borrowing on ideas from the Evo range of diabolos. It feels lighter yet just as stable. The inner coloured material is both heavier and firmer than the clear outer part, providing both stability and optimal weight distribution. The softer outer cup material is very durable and absorbs the knocks, drops and bumps which are inevitable with a diabolo.

The coloured inner section has the same textured finish as the Evo range, giving the same smooth feeling, reducing tilt caused by friction and making corrections easier whilst the outer cup is smooth to facilitate easier hand throws.

Available in a choice of
Fixed Axle - 243g (with plastic self lock washers)
Bearing Axle - 252g
Triple (3x) Bearing Axle - 257g
Five (5x) Bearing Axle - 257g

Cup diameter is 127mm (5 inch)

Ability level = ALL - Due to the low weight and high stability this diabolo is suitable for beginners right through to professional performers

Note-Sold without handsticks

Diabolomoves price  
Varies by selection - please choose from the options below

Stock 5

Falcon+ Axle Type
1 - Fixed Axle (hybrid) = 34.95
3 - Bearing Axle = 39.95
4 - Triple Bearing = 48.95
5 - Five Bearing Axle = 51.95
2 - Fixed Axle (narrow) = 34.95

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