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Sundia Fire Diabolo with Bearing Axle

Sundia Fire Diabolo with Bearing Axle

Sundia Fire Diabolo with Bearing Axle.

This stunning work of art has cups cast out of solid metal giving it a unique and beautiful design which will not bend or break.

In addition it features a bearing axle - that''s right its a metal fire diabolo with a Bearing Axle ! meaning it will spin incredibly fast giving maximum visual impact to your performance.

The cups have fixing holes to add your own fire wicks, which can be attached to various locations & thickness (the picture is just one suggestion) using wire or kevlar string. Or we can also supply it ready wicked (including a wick fixing kit).

This product is definitely NOT recommended for use by anyone under 18 due to the combination of fire, high speed & cups with holes in them!

General safety instructions for this item can be found here

Diameter = 122mm
Width - 142mm
Weight = 424g (without wick)

Note - this diabolo is sold without sticks.

We hope to get a video up online soon of this item.

Diabolomoves price   £95.00

Fire Diabolo wick options
Diabolo only (no wick)
Wick pre-installed - ADD £10.00

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