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Sundia Shining ICY Triple Bearing Diabolo White

Sundia Shining ICY Triple Bearing Diabolo White

The Sundia Shining ''ICY'' Diabolo.

The ''ICY'' version of the outstanding Shining diabolo was specially developed for use in colder climates and features a more rubbery feeling cup which is much softer than the regular shining whilst remaining rigid enough to maintain its shape at full speed.
The outer surface of the cups has gone through an extra process of ''blasting'' which reduces friction from the sticks or string so the diabolo is less likely to tilt out of alignment and making corrections easier / more reliable.
This also results in a beautiful matt satin finish in bold colours which are surprisingly easy to keep clean and designed to be more durable even in the coldest winters.

This professional quality diabolo is available in 5 colours and can be customized with a variety of interchangeable axle kits and weight setups, making it a truly versatile all rounder.

This diabolo is compatible with the Sundia interchangeable axle system - please choose the axle type you wish to receive below - axle kits are also available to purchase separately.

Fixed Axle. This is the traditional diabolo axle type with no moving parts. The Sundia fixed axles provide a very stable spin with plenty of room for string wraps and stick or finger grinds.

Bearing Axle. The Sundia bearing axle features a one way ball bearing (aka clutch axle). In practical terms, this allows you to easily and quickly speed up the diabolo, but when you stop accelerating the bearing will spin which reduces friction and allows the diabolo to continue to spin around 20 times longer than a normal fixed axle diabolo would. This makes it ideal for learning new tricks as it gives you lots more thinking time.

Triple Bearing. It was Sundia who invented the ''triple bearing'' axle and despite many recent cheap clone copies, the genuine Sundia triple bearing is still widely regarded as the very best triple bearing system money can buy. It features patented technology which gives unsurpassed smoothness and spintime together with the major advantage of being almost completely silent. This axle will continue to spin long after others have stopped and will continue for several minutes without speeding up again. It also features carbon fiber washers to keep the central weight down giving extra stability. The competition version features a hybrid construction of steel and teflon coated aluminum to further reduce central weight.

All Sundia axles are precision engineered using the very best quality materials and feature German made bearings for superior performance and durability.

Cup Diameter is 128mm
Width is 140mm +/- 5mm for triple / short axle
Weight can be customized - see axle options for correct weights.

Suitable for all ranges - beginner to professional.

LED kits are also available for this diabolo

Note - sold without handsticks

Diabolomoves price  
Varies by selection - please choose from the options below


ICY Diabolo - Axle Type
1. Cups Only 206g 16.00
2. Fixed Axle 260g 23.99
3. Fixed Axle Auminum 246g 23.99
4. Short Bearing Axle 260g 27.99
5. Bearing Axle 270g 28.99
5. Bearing Axle Aluminum 256g 28.99
6. Triple Bearing 274g 39.99
6. Triple Bearing Competition 261g 39.99

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