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Sundia Self Locking Plastic Dome Washers - Red

Sundia Self Locking Plastic Dome Washers - Red

Set of 2 Self Locking Plastic Dome type washers for all Sundia fixed axle diabolos and axle kits.

These washers allow your Sundia fixed axle diabolo to be assembled without any tools - you simply hold the cups and washers together and twist to tighten or undue.

When used as a replacement for metal washers the overall diabolo weight will be 18g lighter.

Compatible with all fixed axle sets and diabolos (Evo, Sun, Fly, Nimble, Shining, Falcon etc).

NOTE: LED kits cannot be used with this type of washer - they require the flat type Plastic, Metal or Carbon Fiber

Sold in pairs - Weight is 9g per pair (4.5g per washer)

Diabolomoves price   £3.00

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