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PLEASE NOTE - We are a small family run shop and due to family holidays, we are curently not able to post any new orders until Monday 25th February. The shop remains open and you can place your order but please be aware of the shipping delay. Very sorry for any inconvenience caused

Sundia Extra Thick WHIP String 2.2mm

Sundia Extra Thick WHIP String 2.2mm

Super thick diabolo string specially developed for whip style of play.

The string is 2.2mm thick and is excellent for all whipping style tricks whist still being perfectly usable in normal style play. Works great for ''Indy Whip'' style tricks (where the loop of string wraps up around the axle before being pulled to release).

Comes in a large roll containing approximately 38m of string

Diabolomoves price   9.95
Stock 6

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